Data Testing

Data Testing Capability

Data testing in services involves verifying and validating the data that is being used or generated by a service. This includes verifying the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of the data, as well as checking for errors or anomalies.

Data validation

Data profiling

Data transformation testing

Data integration testing

Data security testing

Data Testing Methodology

Data identification

This involves identifying the data to be tested, including the source, format, and structure of the data.

Data profiling

This involves analyzing the data to identify patterns, anomalies, and other characteristics that may indicate data quality issues.

Test planning

This involves developing a test plan that outlines the objectives, scope, and approach of the data testing, including the types of tests to be conducted and the tools and techniques to be used.

Test design

This involves designing test cases that will be used to test the data, based on the requirements and objectives identified in the test plan.

Test execution

This involves executing the test cases, either manually or using automated tools, to verify that the data meets the required quality standards.

Test reporting

This involves documenting the results of the data testing, including any errors or issues that were identified, and providing recommendations for corrective action.





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